18 September, 2013

~Snowskin Mooncakes~(PingBi)

Snowskin mooncakes always the last batch of mooncake i made. This year i really like the color ,all are natural colors. I use pandan for the green,  red yeast powder for red and blue pea flower for blue!

Snowskin mooncakes are easy to made no baking required. Get the paste and snowskin premix flour at the baking store follow the premix instruction. Normally  premix flour add in shortening and cold water. if u wish to put color for it mix the color with the cold water then mix well with the flour till form a smooth dough, wrap it with paste ,put in mooncake mould or jelly mould to get the imprint and push it out from mould. Chilled it before serving. It's simple , Try it out!!

Happy Mooncake Festival

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