29 June, 2012

Cream Puff

I love to bake, its become part of my life when i got free time i look for new recipe try out to bake new 'product'...Cream puff....not my favorite but all my friends, nephews even my mom like it.
This is not the 1st time i bake cream puff.  My friend told me very difficult to make ,she do a few times the cream puff cannot 'puff up'. until one day i ask a uncle (my father friend).he pass to me very detail step by step so i try it out .Eh....very nice! i use whipping cream as the filling instead of custard cream.

My little nephew always ask "ku ku, pls make for me cream puff, i want a lot a lot cream"...hahaha

for the Puff ( 28 puffs)
* 100ml water
* 50ml milk
* 60g butter
* 100g flour (50gm Plain Flour and 50gm Self Rising Flour)
* 3eggs

- Put water , milk and butter in a sauce pan bring to boil.
- Lower heat add in flour and stir with a wooden spoon till all combine become a smooth dough.
- Remove from heat set aside for 10 mins till batter cool down to 65C.
- Add in beaten egg one at a time keep stir until mix well with the mixture, follow by 2nd egg and 3 rd egg.
** the mixture must be not too hard or too dry or too wet.
- Put the mixture into a piping bag .pipe on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
- Bake at 200C preheated oven for 18- 20mins
- Cool down the puff on a wired rack , use knife cut a small hole on each puff.

Whipping Cream Filling
Normally i use 100ml non-dairy whipping cream whipped it
Sometimes i just put ice cream as filling.
Chilled the cream puff in fridge before serve.