08 June, 2012

Cranberry Almond Cupcakes

Cranberry And Almond CupCakes
Why Cranberry not Raisin?
Want to clear off cranberries so long keep in the fridge!! Hehehehe.....

This recipe from "孟老师" book. I Like the slice almond on top the cake
and the cranberry after bake more taste.....is a simple cup cakes.
I made it for my breakfast and tea snack.

1. Almond slice 30g
2. Dried Cranberries 30g

1. Unsalted butter 80g
2. Icing sugar 60g
3. 2 eggs
4. 3Tbsp milk
5. Super soft flour 50g
6. BP 1/2 tsp

- Bake almond slice @ 150C for 10 mins let it cool.
- Blend almond slice and dried cranberries together
(If don't have blender or food processor chopped it with knife)
- Put Butter and icing sugar in mixer , beat it with high speed till fluffy,
  add in egg one by one follow by milk beat well then sift  in flour mix it ,
  lastly add in blend almond and cranberry  mix it well.
- Scoop the batter into the paper cup...put some almond slice and cranberries on top
- Bake in Pre-heat oven @180C 20-25 mins

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