16 June, 2012

Dragon Fruits Jelly

Jelly is a simple dessert!
I believe it is everybody all time favorite  no matter young or old.
So Jelly always appear in my fridge.

I don't like using Coloring or Flavours....
if don't have Dragon Fruits i just did the plain jelly
"Jelly powder+pandan leaf +rock sugar"

For this Dragon Fruits Jelly  we just need
*1 Red Dragon Fruits (chopped finely or use folk mashed it)
*15g Jelly Powder (i use Pearl Mermaid Agar Agar powder)
* 180g Sugar or Rock Sugar
* 1.5L Water

~ Bring the water to boil.
~ Mix agar agar powder and sugar together then pour into the boiling water,
   lower heat stir well . Let it simmer for 5 mins.
~Turn off fire pour in Dragon fruits puree.
~ Stir well and pour into mould.
~ Let it cool down then chill in the fridge.

Yes, is simple....wish all of u have a Happy Weekend!

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