30 June, 2012

Asam Pedas Fish

I like hot, spicy & sour food, this 'asam pedas' is a very appetizing dish. If you like Laksa, i'm sure you like this "Asam Pedas Fish",  simple and easy to cook. For those not familiar with the name of ingredients can go to market 'rempah store" buy from them ..tell them what u want to cook they will sell you & also teach you.

What u need are as below:-
1kg Fish (Ikan kembung)
10 shallots
2 big Onions
10Fresh Red chillies (seeded)
1" Lengkuas
3 Serai ( Lemon Grass)
5 stalks Daun Kesom (Laksa Leaf) ** wash
1 Bunga Kantan ( Ginger Flower) ** cut into half
2" Balacan ( Shrimp paste)
3 pcs Asam Keping (Dried Tamarind Skin)
1 Small Pineapple

To Prepare it:-
*Cut and wash the fish
*Cut the Pineapple in small pieces(if lazy to cut , buy from Fruits stall )
*Peel shallots and Onions .
*Bland Shallots, Onions, Red Chillies, Lengkuas And Serai.

To Cook it:-
*Bring to boil a pot of water (1liter)
* Simmer the heat add in Pineapple , blended rempah, Daun kesom, Asam keping, Bunga Kantan ,Balacan
(Dump in all the ingredients accept the fish)
*Normally i cook about 20-30mins then add in fish cook for another 15mins put some sugar and salt to taste. And serve it hot.

EASY?? Try it out!

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