06 July, 2012

Fish N Chips

Fish And Chips
but this without Chips!!! hahahah....

This is a simple western dish, normally i prepare mushroom soup together.

Today i share how to prepare this Fish...for mushroom soup i will share it another day!

What we need?
**Lettuces, tomato, cucumber, Lemon
**Cabbage and carrot (cut in small slice add in mayonnaise make coleslaw)
**Fish Fillet (marinate with salt and pepper for 30mins)
** 1 Egg white and 1cup breadcrumbs
Dip the Fish fillet into egg white and coat with breadcrumbs
Fry in hot oil till golden brown...serve it hot!

My simple version of tartar sauce:-
onion, parsley, lemon juice(1 tbsp) mix well with mayonnaise

For those like chips or potato wedges just buy from supermarket and fry it!!!

This is another simple and easy dish.no matter adults or children will "Like it".

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