25 July, 2012

~Lepat Pisang~

Lepat Pisang is a Malay kuih.....why i do malay kuih???
this is all because i bought Pisang Raja in the market after bake the 'Banana Cake',
still left 3 banana....thinking what to do with the banana!!!!
Yeah ...Lepat Pisang!!

Here what u need to do:-----
~3 Banana (mashed it)
~1/2 cup rice flour (sifted)
~1 Tbsp sugar
~1/4 cup thick coconut milk
** Mixed all the above ingredients, batter not too thick (slightly sticky)

Banana Leaf
**  cut it into 20cm X 15cm each
**  put the banana leaf in to a boiling water (to soften the leaf for easy to wrap)
** wipe the banana leaf and put 2 Tablespoon of the batter wrap it nicely
** steam it 15-20mins
** cool down the Lepat Pisang and Serve it!

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