12 August, 2012

~~Banana Cake~~

After Lepat Pisang now Banana cake.....Banana fever???? 
No lar...Actually i baked Banana cake first the balance of banana i do Lepat Pisang...Coz Pisang Raja is the best Banana to bake cake and for do 'kuih'...

Ya...recently busy + lazy...follow Olympic !!! actually on laptop want blog and watch together but FB on also...at the end keep on chatting with friends!! Hahahah....

Here u go the ingredients and Method for Banana Cake

120gm  - Butter
70gm    - Sugar
2          - Eggs
140gm  - Self Rising Flour (sifted)
1/2 tsp  - Vanilla Extract
1 tsp    - Baking Powder
** 160gm banana mashed it and mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice

- Pre-heat oven 180C
- Beat Buttter and sugar in high speed till fluffy
- add in egg one at a time
- add in Vanilla extract
- Lower mixer speed add in Self Rising Flour and baking powder
- Lastly add in mashed banana and mix well the batter
- Put in cake tin bake for 40mins

** the banana cake will taste better after a day!!!

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