17 August, 2012

~家常菜~Deep Fried Prawn with batter & Fried Kacang Botol with Sambal

Yes, enough for cakes at the mean time better stop baking cake........'fattening'!!!!

I know a lot people like this  Deep Fried Prawn with batter (煎虾卷) just marinate the prawn ,dip in batter and deep fried it.....simple as 123,right?? to me don't say " I don't know cook".. everyone also don't know just the matter u want to cook or not? am i right?

Come try it out this **Deep Fried Prawn with batter (煎虾卷) 
300gm medium prawn (20pcs)
marinate with pepper , salt and sesame oil for 30mins
-2 Tablespoon Plain flour
-1 Tablespoon Corn flour
-1 tsp Baking powder
-1/4 tsp salt
-1 Tablespoon Oil
mix the above with 1 egg and some water become thick batter
***heat oil ,dip the prawn into the batter deep fried it till golden brown..

300gm 中虾 加入盐,胡椒粉和麻油 30分钟
栗粉  1大匙 
普通面粉 2大匙 

发粉  1小匙 
盐  1/4小匙 
食油 1大匙

以上 材料 加入1粒鸡蛋和少许水搅拌面糊. 

Fried Kacang botol with sambal
6-7 kacang botol 
1 big Onion
some prawn


2 red chilies 
4-5 small onion 
Pound or blend the chilies and small onions
2 tablespoon dry shrimp (soak it and pound it)

***heat up wok with 2 tablespoon cooking oil , fried the blend chilies and small onions till fragrant then and in dry shrimp..fried for 3-4 mins , add in onion and prawn fried follow by kacang botol fried till all cooked.

Wish you all A Happy Holiday for those go back hometown drive safely!

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