30 August, 2012

上海月饼~Shanghai Mooncake~

Mid-autumn or Mooncake Festival is coming, now we can find mooncakes on sale everywhere and a lot bloggers also start doing and posting  making of their own mooncake.Today I'm sharing this 'Shanghai mooncake'  the making are much more easier than the traditional mooncake.

Here the recipe
(A)Pastry Skin
Plain Flour           320g
Milk Powder       2Tbsp
Custard Powder  25g
Corn Flour          20g
Baking Powder   1/4 tsp
Golden Syrup      70g
Icing Sugar         90g
Shortening          60g
Butter                 80g
1 Large Egg

(B) Filling
Lotus paste       1kg
Melon Seeds     150g (bake in oven for 8mins)
1 Large Egg
12 Salted Egg Yolk ( i bake in oven 120C for 12mins)
** mix the melon seed into the lotus paste and knead it .
** divide the paste for 60gm each and wrap the salted egg yolk inside each

~~Beat  Butter, Shortening and sugar till soft and fluffy add in golden syrup and egg mix well sift in flour, milk powder, custard powder, corn flour and baking powder mix well till become a soft dough .
~~ Divide the soft dough into 40gm each .Flatten  the dough and wrap the lotus filling into it , shape it into a mini dome shape.
~~ Place it on a baking tray line with baking paper.
~~ Lightly brush the surface with beaten egg and add some melon seeds on top.
~~ Bake at preheated oven at 180C for 20mins
~~ Leave Shanghai mooncake to cool and store in container.

Wishing all of you have a Happy weekend!! "Happy Merdeka Day"......


  1. Hi,,i'am Angie,ur Shanghai mooncake look nice!!! will try it out!!