27 October, 2012

Chai Kuih 菜粿

This is the 1st time i do "Chai Kuih" (steamed vegetable dumplings). Yes, i like chai kuih . In my mind i feel it is 'difficult' to do and a lot work, need to cut the turnip or jicama (Hokkien called it Bang kuang), stir fried it then the skin part need to wrap then steam it....BUT since  my favorite i need to try it out! Still search the recipe from wed , blog. The filling i cooked it very simple just bang kuang and carrot with some seasoning. The skin part even the TangMein flour packing can get the recipe. I like spicy food , so i eat chai kuih must with chilies sauce, i will share out my homemade chilies next post!

**1 yam bean (bang kuang) , sherdded
**1 small size carrot , sherdded
**2 slice garlic chopped
1. Heat oil in a wok, put in garlic toast till fragrant
2. Add in yam bean (bang kuang) and carrot, stir fried it  for 15mins or till dry.
3. Add in seasonings  salt, and pepper, mix well. Leave aside to cool.

**100g Tang Mein four
**60g tapioca flour
**1/4tsp salt
**1Tbsp cooking oil
**220g hot boiling water
1. Combine Tang Mein Flour ,Tapioca flour and salt in a big bowl.
2. Add hot boiling water into the bowl, stir with chopstick till combine, add in cooking oil, mix well till form a dough.

3. Cover the dough and leave aside let it cool.

To make the chai kuih
1. I weight each dough 20gm, flatten it , 
i use a 3" round cap cut out a round shape.
2. Put the filling on it then seal up the skin.
3. Brush some cooking oil on the steaming plate, steam for 10mins.

4. After steamed transfer the 'chai kuih' in plate and brush some oil on it to prevent all stick together.

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