09 October, 2012

~Tiramisu~ ( Simple Version)

After Mid -Autumn festival i rest ....stop baking !! my cousin ask me "jie, why u no update you blog?"I say...need a REST....hahahaha .excuses !!
Last week i borrow a Rasa magazine from Library.saw this Tiramisu quite simple no need Kahlua since i have a packet of "finger Biscuit; so try it out! I scan out the recipe but is in Malay ..i will write down my 'English Version' coz i do half of the recipe.

My Version below are:
**I use normal Philadelphia cream cheese since the chef say can use other cheese**
-150gm cream cheese
-100gm whipping cream
-10pcs finger biscuit
-4 TBSP icing sugar
-2 tsp Nescafe
-130ml Hot water
-some chocolate powder

*Pour the hot water in a small bowl add in 1Tbsp icing sugar and 2tsp nescafe stir it well
*Dip the finger biscuit into the nescafe let the biscuit absorb the nescafe put aside
*Put cream cheese and 2Tbsp icing sugar in mixer beat it in high speed till fluffy and add in
 whipping cream beat till soft and peak.
*Now can 'assemble' the cake...
  I use a square container (can assemble it into a glass as shown above) put the finger biscuit then follow by a layer of cheese mixture then finger biscuit again and cheese mixture ..my cake is 2 layer biscuit and 2 layer of cheese. the top layer must be cheese mixture and put some chocolate powder on top or some fruits for decoration. Chilled it before serving! 

~Coffee N Cake~

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