21 October, 2012

~Happy Birthday Cupcakes~

This Happy B'day Cuppies nice rite? Made this cuppies for a friend just to wish her have a "Happy Birthday" BUT this is 2 months ago, i think she is waiting me blog this cuppies!! Just 'dig out' the photo edit and blog!!
Just a simple cake with whipped cream and deco with some Chocolate rice.Print some 'Happy Birthday' tag stick on a toothpick ..Done....

Simple butter cake recipe (10 small cupcakes)
**90gm butter
**65gm castor sugar
** 2 eggs 
** 1tsp Vanilla Extract
**45ml milk
**120gm cake flour / self rising flour (sifted)

1. Beat butter with sugar till fluffy.
2. Add in egg one at a time till well combined.
3. Add in vanilla extract and milk.
4. Add in flour mix well.
5. Scope in paper cups.
6. Baked at pre-heat oven 180C for 25mins
7. Cool the cake on wire rack.
8. Deco with whipped cream or any topping you LIKE.

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