02 November, 2012

~Homemade Chilies Sauce~

My last post "Chai Kuih' , i  mentioned this homemade chilies sauce.
This Chilies sauce a must have 'item'  in my fridge, my favorite dipping sauce!

See the ingredients below?
Yes,,,,,, red chilies, garlic and small lime.

Easy lar...

** cut the chilies 'de-seed'
** cut the garlic
All put in blender add some water  BLEND it...
It's  thick,  add  in small lime juice and sugar.
Store it in a glass container and keep in fridge can last for 2-3weeks.
This is my favorite dipping sauce, for chai kuih, poh peah, crispy fried prawn, lor bak.....
usually i add some bottle chilies sauce and tomato sauce (i perfer Kimball ).
i will add more lime juice if don't have lime can add white vinegar.

Try It out!! Hope u all LIKE it too!

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