30 November, 2012

~Yam Cake (Or Kuih)~

Yam Cake / Or Kuih  my favorite too!!! I like yam...
bought a small yam just nice for me to steam one small plate of Yam cake!

(a)~200gm yam, cut small cube

(b)~100gm Rice Flour
    ~20gm Tapioca Flour
    ~180ml Water
    ~a pinch of salt
(Mixed and sieved the above ingredients)

(c) for toppings
~50gm dried shrimp. soaked and chopped
~5 shallots, slice in thin slices
~2 stalks spring onion, chopped 
~2 red chillies, chopped

**Seasoning (Salt 1/4tsp, pepper 1/2tsp and five-spice powder 1/2 tsp)

~Heat up 5Tbsp some oil and saute shallots till crispy , remove from wok  set aside
~Use the remain oil add in dried shrimp saute till fragrant, remove from wok set aside
~Use the remain oil add in yam and stir fry, add some water , cooked till yam soft. Then add in (b) and seasoning..keep on stir till the batter cook and thick.
~Pour the thick batter into a round tray ( tray put some oil)
~Steam it for 45mins. Leave aside to cool.
~ Put the toppings...cooked dried shrimp, crispy shallot, spring onion and chillies.

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