17 November, 2012

~Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Rice~

Long time didn't bake cake....friend give me banana just take 2 pcs do some banana cupcakes with some chocolate rice! Ehm....texture are soft and moist with banana ....if u like banana you will like banana cake...

my simple method as below
*60gm  - Butter
*30gm  - Sugar
*1          - Egg
*70gm  - Self Rising Flour (sifted)
*1/4 tsp  - Vanilla Extract
*1/2 tsp    - Baking Powder
** 2 medium size ripe banana mashed it and mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice

- Pre-heat oven 180C
- Beat Butter and sugar in high speed till fluffy
- Add in egg follow by vanilla extract mix well
- Lower mixer speed add in Self Rising Flour and baking powder
- Lastly add in mashed banana and mix well the batter
- scope the batter into paper cups then top put 1 or 2 pcs cut banana and chocolate rice
- bake for 30mins

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