22 August, 2012

香脆炸鸡~Crispy Fried Chicken~

Raya holiday just over....How is your holiday??? Me, very busy for this holiday BUT "I'm Very Happy".....Yup, met with friends

 And also try up this yummy, Crispy Fried Chicken...this recipe was found in FB , i join this cooking group saw they are saying this Fried Chicken is "Superb" & the preparation look simple, so i try it out at my mom's house during raya ...my nephews say "very good, when u want cook again??'

It's simple, wash the chicken, marinate, put flour and deep fried it!!!  That's all....
Recipe and Method
**Chicken drumstick or chicken wing.
**Marinate with Oyster Sauce , Sesame Oil, Salt & Pepper for 2 hours.
**Prepare 2 big bowls....one with plain flour & one with water
**Heat up cooking oil in a wok or deep sauce pan.
*- Coat the chicken with flour.
  - Next dip the chicken in water
  - then coat the chicken with flour again
**Finally deep fry it till golden brown

Try it Out.. The Kids will love it!!


腌料: 蠔油,麻油,盐,掩二个小时.
**油要盖过鸡肉,油要熱,下了鸡肉不要 翻,等定形了后才翻。

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