12 June, 2012

Homemade Pizza

Homemade "Hawaiian Pizza' is my favorite!!
When i don't know what to cook this will appear on my mind!

Homemade always the best i put a lot Pineapple, Pitted Olive and Mozzarella cheese....ehm...Yummy!!

I bought Mozzarella Cheese from baking ingredients shop is really cheap compare with hypermarket!
So pizza lover if u have a oven at home try it out!

(A) Pizza Dough
250g-High Protein Flour
10g  -Sugar
4g    -Salt
5g    -Instant Yeast
120ml -  Luke warm water
15ml   - Olive oil

- Put Flour, sugar , salt and yeast in a large mixing bowl ,slowly add in water till  become a dough.
- Knead the dough for 10-15 mins then add in Olive oil, knead again till dough smooth.
- Put the dough in bowl wrap with cling wrap for 50mins let it rise.
- Take out the dough from bowl punch down the dough let the air come out
- Use rolling pin roll it in round shape on a pizza pan let it a side for another 30mins.(use folk poke some hole on the flat dough)

(B) Pizza  Sauce
1 Can Tomato Puree
Mixed Italian herbs 3 TBSP
Olive oil 1 tsp
Black pepper 1 tsp
Fresh Parsley (Chopped finely)
- Mixed all the above

(C) Toppings:
Sausage, Pineapple (Can , Cube), Onion, Green Capsicum, Black Pitted Olive ,
Shredded Mozzarella cheese

-Spread the Pizza sauce on top the pizza dough follow by some cheese then
arrange evenly sausage, pineapple, onion, green capsicum , black olive on top
-Bake it in pre heat oven 200C for 20mins take out add some Shredded Mozzarella cheese on top
 bake it another 5-8mins till cheese melt.

Usually i made some salad,
Tomatoes, Capsicum, Iceberg Lettuces with Thousand Island Dressing

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