27 December, 2012

~Dec 2012~

Let's see what i did in Dec 2012.
@ 25/12/2012

Had a small Christmas gathering at Venes's house with Lay Ling, Phaik Suan, Ms Yeap, Jacey Wong, Christina and Yvonne.....some couldn;t join us!
All of us enjoy it right?
Enjoy the preparation, buy present, cook......
we have...Fried Rice, Fried tom yam beehoon,. spring roll., chicken wing, cocktail sosage, nuggets,sushi, kiam kuih, curry chicken and roti jala
Chocolate fondue, orange jelly, cherry tomato with sour plum...
All of us have fun right?
Thank you Venes again gather us together.


My little nephew Kah Heng, he is 5,
His b'day on 24/12/2012 we celebrate 1day early coz 24th everyone busy..
as he request,i bake for him a 
'Chocolate cake with a lot of cream and Strawberries'
a simple birthday for him


Today 27/12/2012 My Dear Birthday....

I think this will be my last blog for 2012
 wishing all of you
"Happy New Year"
All the best

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