11 January, 2013

Butter Lemon Cake with Crispy Almond Slice

After rest for so many days is time to start update my blog before friends ask why no new post........I still bake and cook....bake some cupcakes and cream puff..And also need to start bake CNY cookies. So 2013 first post "Butter lemon cake with almond slice topping" Try it out you will know the taste....i Love it!!!

*100gm    Butter
*70gm     Castor sugar 
*2 Eggs
*45ml      Milk
*120gm   Cake flour (sifted)
*2 Tbsp   Lemon Juice
*1 tsp      Scrape Lemon Skin

- Beat butter and sugar till stiff/ white
- add in eggs mix well 
- add in  milk mix well
- pour in cake flour stir well
- lastly lemon juice and scrape lemon skin mix well
- pour into cake tin bake @ preheated oven 180C for 35-40mins

The Almond topping  
melt some butter mix with the almond slice then add in 2 tablespoon honey
Once the cake baked spread the almond slice on top the cake and bake till almond golden brown. (5-8mins)

~Enjoy ~

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