29 January, 2013

~Almond Cookies~

By this time , i think  lot of you already complete baking cookies right?.....this almond cookies recipe keep quite long time, last week when i clean up my fridge found out i still have 100gm ground almond , so in my mind 'ting'...why not try this out...i add some almond nibs ...is another simple cookies! If u like almond or nuts you should like this....so try it out!

~180gm  Flour
~70gm  Icing sugar
~100gm Ground Almond
~50gm Almond nibs
~1/4 tsp salt
~1tsp baking powder
~120gm Corn Oil (i use sunflower seed oil)
~1 Egg for Brushing

1. Sift together , flour and icing sugar.
2. Add in ground almond, almond nibs, salt and baking powder mix well.
3. Add in oil mix till form a soft dough.
4. Shape into small balls (ard 6 gm each), place on baking tray.
5. Brush with egg yolks and put some almond nibs as toppings.
6. Bake in preheated oven @ 170C 15-18mins
7. Cool down and store in airtight container

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