27 January, 2014

~Honey Cornflakes Cups~

I'm not stop blogging....busy for the past 3 months and seldom bake cake. I know my follower will be disappointed i didn't update my blog for 3 months+, 'sorry'....Chinese New Year just around the corner. i will post up all my Chinese New Year cookies. Actually this 'Honey Cornflakes Cups' is the last item i bake but i post first.

It's a simple and fast , not require any baking skill!!!!!

You just need 4 ingredients if you plan to do some simple bites for chinese new year still got time.

1 box (150gm) Corn Flakes
50gm butter
2 Tablespoon honey
Red glace cherries (cut into small piece)
small paper cups

- Melt the butter in a bowl
- Add in honey mixed well
- Add in Cornflakes & Cherries mix well till all coated with the "butter honey" mixture
- Put the cornflakes into the papercups one by one
- Bake in pre-heated oven 150C, 10-12mins
- Cool it down and keep in air tight container

Easy??? Try it out!!! Kids will like it.

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