28 January, 2014

~Crispy Seaweed Rolls~

This year i try out a lot new CNY snacks also available in market. a big thank you to all the bloggers share out all yummy, non stop  bite snacks. This fried crispy Seaweed Rolls quite popular .
i made this because of the 'baked cod fish strips' i still have the seaweed....so don't waste it go buy a pack of spring roll skin and i can have another type snacks...hihihi

*Seaweed (cut about 2inche width each )
* Spring roll skin 1 pack
*1 egg white
***Need a chopstick and scissor

~place the seaweed in the middle of spring roll skin
~roll up the spring roll skin with chopstick
~brush some egg white at the end of spring roll skin 
~pull out the chop stick
~ use scissors cut into small pieces 
~heat up oil and fried it

***keep in container.....once eat will be non stop***

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