28 January, 2014

~Baked Cod Fish Strips~

This year i  saw this 'baked Cod fish Strips" appear in many blogs and FB also  a lot peoples post. It look simple so i try it out. Since i bake pineapple tart left over some egg white so i  buy a pack of 'Cod Fish Strips' (大发鱿鱼丝) and a pack of  Seaweed.

*Cod fish Strips
*1 egg white

~take 2 cod fish strips, i fold in both end to center use the seaweed strip wrap over, apply some egg white on the seaweed roll it tight
~Bake at preheated oven 140C 8-10mins or till golden brown.
~Leave to cool and keep in an airtight container.

 A simple CNY  'tidbits'

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