22 June, 2014

~Swiss Roll With Lemon Curd Filling~

This is my 1st Swiss Roll, for the past one week i baked 3 times in a week. Love it because Simple and fast.
Plain cake with 'Lemon curd filling"' (i will shared this simple filling next blog)

~ 3 egg white
~ 40gm  Sugar
~ 1/4 tsp cream of tar tar
Beat the above till stiff

~ 3 egg Yolk
~ 15gm sugar
~ 25gm Oil
~ 36ml Milk
~ 60gm Superfine Flour
combine all the ingredients (B) mix well

*this swiss roll recipe was using chiffon method so fold in  the beaten egg white in to mixture( B)
*I am using 8"x 11" tray, line the tray with baking paper
*Pour the batter into the prepared tray slowly, use spatula spread it to the edge and even it
*Bake in preheated oven @160C for 18mins or till it golden brown.
*Over turn the cake to a rack with another baking paper, peel off the lining paper
*Leave the cake cool down , spread with filling as you like
* Roll up the cake and wrap with cling wrap. Chill the cake for 30mins
*Cut into slice , this recipe can cut about 8 pcs

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