23 June, 2014

~Chilled Soya Bean Curd ~

For the past 2 day, i made this 2 times. This Soya Bean Curd silky smooth to the taste can't stop eating it!! Found this simple , easy and yummy Soya Bean Curd from facebook group.

Ingredients are as below 
Method to cook:- A pack of 1 litre "Home Soy' brand soya bean milk,
  1 teaspoon of jelly powder and a few pandan leaves.
All put in a pot cooked it in slow heat till it boil , ya need to stir!! pour it to small container cool it down ,chilled it for 4 hours .
Serve with "Gula Melaka Syrup" 

 "Gula  Melaka syrup"  ( water + gula melaka + brown sugar + pandan leave)
Thickness and sweetness of the syrup please adjust to your own taste!

~Try it out you sure love in it~

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