31 July, 2013


      Donuts again.....Kids love donuts with coated chocolate!! Try it out your kids sure love it!

- 200gm    Flour
- 1Tbsp     Milk Powder
- 4gm        Yeast
- 80ml       Milk (warm)
- 1Tbsp    Sugar
- 20gm     Margarine
- Pinch of salt
~~oil for Frying
~~100gm semi sweet cooking chocolate (Melt it)
~~ some chocolate rice

1) Combine warm milk and yeast in mixing bowl put aside till bubbles form.
2) Add in Flour, Milk powder, sugar, slat mix to form a dough, if too dry add some water ,
or too sticky add some flour knead till smooth , let it rise (30mins)
3) Punch down the dough add in margarine, knead till smooth again.
4) Roll out the dough use donut cutter cut out the donut.
5) Place the donut in a plate, cover and let it rest for 20mins
6) Heat up oil , fry the donut till golden brown
7) Coated with melt chocolate and chocolate rice

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