31 July, 2013

~~Curry Chicken~~

I know i have been promise to post this curry chicken when i post the roti jala, a year ago.
Time passed very fast...day by day .....Me busy + lazy  !!  Hahaha...
Since this month didn't post any new post , so put other thing aside post " curry chicken ".
As i told my friends is easy just i don;t like 'tumis the rempah". Those like curry chicken try out this recipe.

Rempah Ingredients:-
200gm (6pcs)   Big onions
5pcs                 Garlic
50  (8pcs)         Fresh Red chilli
(Blend the above with cooking oil)
1 cinnamon stick (2 inch)
2 Tbsp Chilli boh (blended dried chilli paste)
1 Tbsp Corrainder powder
1 tsp jintan manis mixed with jintan putih (white cumin seed & sweet cumin seed)
(don’t add too much as it will make the curry bitter)
1 packets Babas curry powder
100 ml Thick coconut milk

1 Chicken (Cut and clean)
8 potatoes (boil , peel off skin , cut into small piece)

1) Pour oil in wok.(2 cups)
2) Tumis cinnamon stick for a while under low heat
3) Add blended onions / garlic and fresh chilli
4) Tumis for a few mins till water evaporate
5) Add in chilli boh, ketumbar , jintan manis/putih, babas curry powder
6) Make sure tumis under slow fire (use higher heat in the beginning when add in onions etc but when
wok is hot use low heat till the end)
7) And remember to keep stirring else it will burn.
8) Tumis until fragrant (will be able to see the a layer of oil separated from the rempah)
9) Add in the chicken, potatoes and 1 cup of water , till the chicken cooked.
10) Lastly add in sugar and salt to taste then finally coconut milk.

                                               Looks yummy right?? Try it out!!

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