28 June, 2013

~Vietnamese Spring Rolls~ (Cha Gio)

"Vietnamese Spring Rolls" most of you sure refer to the one using Vietnamese rice paper , fresh vege and prawn. I called it Fresh Vietnamese Spring Roll.
This is the 'fried' version of Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Cha Gio), it suppose using the rice paper to wrap and fried but i couldn't found it at my nearby store so use normal spring rolls wrappers. 1st trial this type of spring rolls at a French man house , we all love it, eat a lot, the combination of the lettuce, mint leave and chillies with the spring rolls are so 'perfect'!!! 2nd trial, i learn it......and i'm sure "my buddy "...u all miss it is it??? ya..since 2011 our gathering , i didn't do it!!! Last week, i miss it sooooo much..so buy the ingredients and do it...

What  you need ?

1 small Yam (shredded , deep fried )
1 small Carrot (shredded)
2 pcs dry black fungus (soaked and cut in small strip)
1 bundle glass noodles (tang hoon, soaked it soft cut in small strip)
300gm Minced meat

ground  [4 shallots, 2 garlic, spring onion (use the white part), pepper ]
1 tsp fish sauce, 1tsp Salt

mix well all the ingredients with seasoning.
wrapped the 'well mix ingredients, with spring rolls sheet and deep fried it.

Chillies :
 red chillies, garlic (chopped it fine) mix with small lime juice , sugar and fish sauce.

Note:-Use Vietnamese rice paper if u can get it, can replace the yam with potato, for those vegetarian replace the minced meat with soft tofu

Serve it hot , when eat wrap the spring roll with lettuce , mints and dip with chillies .
Try it out.....You will like it!

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