22 June, 2013

~Soft Donut~

It's been 3 months plus i stop update my blog,  due to busy!I I am fine  still cook and bake but same simple dish, no time to try out new recipe. I glad that i can blog 10 months continuously and stop for 3 months. Ya, is not easy to cook or bake , take photo , edit, and blog. i hope i can continue this blog to record what i had cook and bake and sharing with all of you. 

 I and my friend been trying out make donut, 1st  and 2nd  trial , i not satisfied !!i like the soft texture of donut and i finally found this recipe.

Flour                                                    130g
- Milk Powder                                        1 Tbsp
- Yeast                                                     3g
- Milk (room temperature)                      70g
 -Sugar                                                    1Tbsp
- Pinch of salt
- Sweet potato (cooked , mashed)     60g
- Butter                                                   20g

1. Dissolve yeast in milk, put aside
2. Place flour, milk powder, sugar and salt in a mixing bowl, mix well.
3. Add in yeast mixture in the mixing bowl, mix well till from a dough.
4. Sprinkle some flour on table top, knead the dough till smooth. Let it rise for 1 hour
    (Dough should be double up after 1 hour)
5. Punch down the dough add in mashed sweet potato and butter knead till smooth again,
    let it rest for 20mins.
6. Roll out the dough and cut out a small dough (30gm each), use donut cutter cut out the shape.
7. Place the donut in plate, cover and let it rest for 30mins.
8. Deep fry the donut in heated oil till golden brown.
9. Coated with fine sugar or melt chocolate

"Serve it hot and eat the same day to get the soft texture"

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