21 February, 2013

~Pineapple Tart~ 黄梨酥

Chinese New Year almost end, so how was yours CNY celebration? I'm sure everyone busy for visiting, re-union , chatting, me too very busy .
Ya, "Pineapple tart", still not too late to post last one of my CNY cookies. I never thought i will bake this pineapple tart myself BECAUSE in my mind IT IS Difficult and a lot 'work".......But i  come across a lot bloggers bake this  use ready made pineapple jam , so this year i TRY IT OUT!!!!........And the result is this pineapple tart  the first cookies FINISH, GONE.....hahaha all say NICE!!

(Recipe adapted from Anncoo Journal blogger)
400gm Pineapple Jam (store bought)
** Roll into small round shape 5gm each , my tart mold small size

For the Pastry
~180g Plain flour
~20g Corn flour
~40g Icing sugar
~1 Egg yolk (lightly beaten with 1Tbsp ice water, 1/2tsp vanilla extract)
~150g Cold butter (cut in small cube)
~1/2 tsp Salt

** Sift plain flour, corn flour and icing sugar in a large mixing bowl , mix well.
** Put the cut butter in the mixing bowl rub with flour using fingertips till butter coated with flour .
** Pour in beaten egg yolk, slowly mix the ingredients to a soft dough. (do not over knead) Add some flour if dough too soft. Put dough in the fridge for 20-30 mins to firm up.
** Roll pastry about 5mm thickness, cut into shape with a pineapple tart mold.
** Place the pineapple jam on the center of the tart. Cut small strips to form a cross pattern on top the tarts.
** Place on baking tray bake @170C 20mins.
** Remove from oven place the tart on wire rack.
**Cool down the tarts  and store in an airtight container.

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