18 September, 2012


Mooncake / Mid Autumn festival coming soon.....A lot bloggers post their traditional mooncakes, Ping Bi mooncake, Shanghai mooncake, Jelly mooncake.... all look very nice!! Make me thinking 'i also want start do mooncake".....in my mind since i got the 'Golden syrup' why not try do some 'mini size' mooncake...
So i start cook red bean paste and my mini traditional  mooncake "not bad" for the 1st trial!!!
The paste just nice not sweet. For Ping Bi the skin i just bought from ingredient shop the premix flour!

So for those want do mooncake still have time....hurry up!!! bake it!!!

Recipe for mooncake skin
~90g  Golden syrup
~45g  Cooking Oil (i Use Knife Brand)
~1/2tsp Alkaline Water
~1/2tsp Baking Soda
~125g   Plain Flour
** Filling can buy ready made, for this mini moocake i use red bean paste (i cooked myself)

1. In a mixing bowl, mix Golden syrup,Oil and Alkaline water,stir it and leave aside for 5 mins.
2. Add in Plain flour and Baking soda , mix well , cover it , let it reast for 75mins.
3. If the dough very sticky , add in some flour.
4  This mini mooncake i use 22g filling and 18g skin.
5. Wrap the filling with the skin put in mould slowly knock out, place on baking tray.
6  Bake in preheated oven @ 160C for 10mins take out brush egg glaze then bake another 15mins.

**Egg glaze - one egg yolk with 1/2 tsp water


 Ping Bi (Snow Skin Mooncake)
Recipe and how to do
* 250g Ping Bi Premix Flour
* 60g Shortening
*170g icing sugar
*150-180ml water
can add color or flavour
 **Just mix all the ingredients into a smooth dough
 ** Wrap in whatever filling you like
** Shape it whatever shape you like
Wait....cannot eat yet.....chill it 1st!!

Simple???? Try it out!!!

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