28 May, 2012

~Curry Puff~

Crispy Curry Puff !! 

Curry Puff, one of my favorite snack!!
I like the crispy puff skin & spicy potato...the combination are soooo perfect!
Never think about it want to learn it till......
A'rukun tetanga ' activities .I went to this curry puff making section with my friend Lay Ling.
After1 week we decide "try to make it...."
This is the 2nd times we made both of us enjoy the curry puff wrapping procedure....

For Curry Puff 's Lover, can try it out...

Curry Puff
Fillings Ingredients:-
Potatoes   – 300gm.
~~Wash and boil till soft.  Let it cool down , peel the skin, cut into cubes.
Meat         – 1 Chicken breast.
~~Cut into small cubes. Season with salt and Babas curry powder.
Onions      – 3 big Onions.
~~ Peel off the skin , cut into small pieces.
Rempah    – 3 stalk serai (lemon grass) ,20 shallots ;20 Chillies ( Blend it together )
(Or can buy curry chicken ready rempah from market)
Curry leaf  - 1 stalk

-Heat oil , fried the rempah till fragrant , add in curry leaf
-add in chicken breat meat , stir fry
-when chicken is cooked , stir in onions cook till it soft
-finally , add in potatoes.Mix well add sugar & salt to tatse
-leave it aside to cool down


Pastry (2 types)
Pastry A
- 250gm Plain Flour
- 1 tsp shortening
- cooking oil
Sieve flour, make a hole in the middle, add shortening & oil mix well and knead.
Roll into a few small balls (about 40-50gm each , cover up)

Pastry B
- 250gm Plain Flour
- a pinch of Salt + water
Sieve flour , mix with slat water. Knead the dough for a few seconds.
Roll into a few small balls (about 40-50gm each , cover up)

Make the puff skin
1. Roll out Pastry B, put Pastry A in the center, close it up to get bigger ball.
Roll out using a rolling pin. Roll out again & roll up.
Cut into 4 – 5 pieces
2. Roll out a piece of the pastry (got line / pattern is outside).
3 .Put filling in the middle. Close up and Flute..

Fried it in hot oil till golden brown.....serve it Hot

WOW!!! is yummy

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